Sweet Pillow Blessings

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About Us

I have done different types of volunteer work through the years. I started out with helping at Shelters, then found myself going to various Assisted Living facilities visiting with the elderly people. I loved their smiles and how they had so much enthusiasm shown with having others care. I started to do B-I-N-G-O for them just to add to their activities and have been doing now for over 10 years. I then started talking with some ladies from my Church and we started doing various pillow cases for them. Some ladies made them from the start and others added a cute lace or embroidered nice designs. This seemed to catch on and I started enlisting others to help.

After  having family members with cancer, and losing 2 dear friends close to my heart, I decided to extend the pillow cases onto Hospitals and other organizations. After talking with several friends, we came up with the name " Sweet Pillow Blessings" and the charity actually started on a new level.

Now we have done several hospitals with kids that are going through some tough cancer treatments and also some shelters. For a few years we have done the Children's Home in Florida. The Assisted Living facilities will always be close to me and I will always do them as well.

We have now grown leaps and bounds with the wonderful donations and kind deeds of others. We contnue to grow to different States and want to be able to do all of them. Even though there are some tough guidelines that need to be adhered at the different places that accept the pillow cases, just seeing the smiles at the end will forever be worth it.