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Some adorable pillowcases perfect for a new hospital that will be given to the children that are going through chemo. They will absolutely love these. Thank you Brenda Brakke in Billings, Montana for your beautiful handmade cases. 



A very special thank yoiu to Deanna Stark, Patty Cortez and Maribel Rodriguez. These ladies made these beautiful crochet hats for the preemie babies at St. Charles Hospital. I am so appreciative for these ladies that meet and make the cutest items for various charities. It's all about giving back and they are surely doing that. I'm blessed that the preemies will be nice and warm with these adorable hats. Thanks ladies !


Mrs. Grossman's Stickers
Petaluma, CA  

This family owned sticker company began over 35 years ago by Andrea Grossman. She was the first to introduce stickers by the yard. The stickers are sold all over the world and the business is located in the wonderful town of Petaluma. Over the past 20 years, they have donated over 20 million stckers to children in hospitals all over the world. Her son Jason has been part of the business for over 20 years. Stop by and say hello if you are ever in the area. I am so blessed by their genorosity. 

They were so kind hearted with sending me hundreds of stickers for me to send along in the packages to the Hospitals and Children's Homes. The teens will love these along with the little kids. I am so very grateful that they have been so generous in helping make the holidays so much better for the children. Afterall, what child, or adult doesn't love stickers? I am so thankful for them being part of this journey !

Tammie Gaston Griffin ~
Valerie Schwarting ~ N. Platte, NE
Jeri Shryrock ~ Mansfield, TX
Angee Pope Owens ~ Lufkin, TX
Debra Heapy ~ Pleasant Hill, CA
Heidi Wagner ~ Moscow, ID
Nanette Costa ~ Orlando, FL ♥
Linda Alderman ~ West Monoe, LA
Deanna Stark ~ Torrance, CA  
Tamala Owens ~ Ramona, OK 
Wendy Salazar ~ Decatur, TX 
Jan Carlson ~ Lisle, IL
Aeja Baxter ~ Seattle, WA
Carol Gullatt ~Huntsville, AL
Nancy Pusley ~ Del Rio, TX
Valerie Schwarting ~ North Platte, NE
Angie White ~ Brashear, TX
Laura Campos ~ Calexico, CA
Nanette Costa ~ Orlando, FL
Jessica Johnson ~ Dallas, TX
Debbie Burns ~ Oklahoma City, OK
Heidi Wagner ~ Moscow, ID 
Cynthia Dawson ~ Hollister, CA
Elizaberth Bielicki ~ St Johns, FL
Tina Leman ~ Washington, IL
Renee Kelso ~ Vallejo, CA
Aeja Baxter ~ Seattle, WA
Lisa Powell ~ Meridian, MS
Tamala Owens ~ Ramona, OK ♥ ♥
Melissa Judd ~ Raeford, NC
Nora "Van" Pompa ~ Houston, TX
Djuna Brizzi ~ Hughesville, MD
Janet Wagoner ~ Cumberland, MD 
Lyn Thompson ~Los Gatos, CA ♥♥
Sara and Katie Thompson ~ Los Gatos, CA 
Michelle Gagliano ~ Bloomington, IL
Ana Rubio ~ Montclair, CA
Taryn Finley ~ Shabbona, IL
Annette Johnson - Hillman ~ Woodlawn, TN
Sherry Frye ~ Moon Township, PA 
Tasha Reid ~ San Jose, CA
Rene Soulastie ~ Concord, CA
Julie Sutton ~ Alameda, CA 
April Milstead ~ Winnifield, LA 
Daniel Simons ~ Pleasanton, CA
Mary Barclay ~ Canton, OH
Adena Rojan ~ Little Rock, AK.
Jessica Horst ~ Canyon Country, CA
Debi Ford-Rimson ~ Birmingham, AL
Connie Russell ~ Dallas, TX
Intel Corporation ~ San Jose, CA
Cindy Templin ~ San Francisco, CA
Nanami and Sora Diamond (Age 6 & 7) ~ Honolulu, HI ♥
Shanta Bigham ~ So. Lake Tahoe, CA
Maryann D'Arpino ~ Hudson, FL
Lisa Richards ~ Sacramento, CA ♥ ♥ ♥
Linda Flores ~ Modesto, CA
Linda Hanley ~ Grass Valley, CA
Nancy Leoto ~ Alamo, CA
Anita Larson ~ Pleasanton, CA
Realtors of Contra Costa County ~ CA
Alicia Santoni ~ Midland, TX
Renee' Christianson ~ San Francisco, CA
Paul Cavali ~ St. Petersburg, FL
Jaque Evans ~ Tarpon Springs, FL
Margaret Hauptman ~ Malibu, CA
Rachel Sidorsky ~ Beverly Hills, CA
Jo Glenn ~ Odessa, TX
Linda Lambert ~ Huntington Beach, CA
Dawn Kole ~ Nevada City, CA
Sandy Liu ~ Danville, CA
Kathy Dorrin ~ Coos Bay, OR
Rachel Sikes ~ Dallas, TX
Sue Oliver ~ Chicago, IL
Huntley House Miniatures ~ Riverbank, CA
Ellen Aasen ~ Kelseyville, CA
Rhonda Overstreet ~ Dallas, TX
Heather Franklin ~ Woodland, WA
Dannielle Pearson ~ Princeton, NJ
Dail Kyle ~ San Diego, CA
Blissfully Chaotic Cookies ~ Marysville, OH
Stasia Torres ~ Marysville, OH
Neil Klemow ~ Encino, CA
Danet Babot ~ Burlington, NC
That's a Wrap" (Candy) New Port Richey, FLA
Elizabeth McComas ~ New Port Richey, FLA ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Nina Draheim Heddy ~ Indian River, MI
Yvonne Burnette ~ Flint, MI
Janice Doty ~ Pine Bush, NY ♥ ♥ ♥
Heather Fitch ~ Columbus, OH
Valerie Byrne ~ Whitestone, NY
Carolee Hutton ~ Hilton Head Island, SC
Suzanne Steinhart ~ Denver, CO
Donald and Claude Feland~ Camarillo, CA ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Thomas Franklin ~ Miami, FLA
Lisa Mergenthal ~ Sacramento, CA  ♥ ♥ ♥
Mr. and Mrs. Richardson ~ Danville, CA
J. Cannerelli ~ Windsor, VA
Lisa Rivera ~ Grass Valley, CA
C. Stuart ~ Fallbrook, CA ♥ ♥
Cindy Pulet ~ Sunnyvale, CA
Teresa Riechert ~ Medford, OR
Chase Bank ~ Walnut Creek, CA
Ben Franklin Store ~ Grass Valley, CA
Julie Mindias ~ Providence, RI
Helena Caristias ~ Topeka, KS
Kathy Duran ~ Grass Valley, CA
Judy Frescance ~ Canton, OH
Michaels Art Store ~ Roseville, CA
Suzanne Shonnegh ~ San Jose, CA
Roberta Frankle ~ Newport News, VA
Sienna Roines ~ Atlanta, GA
Gina Rodriguez ~ Reno, NV

The pink  is who our biggest supporter is to date. 

Brenda Brakke ~ Billings, MT
Heidi Wagner ~ Moscow, ID
Carol Olesen ~ Troy, ID
Linda Lindsey Slayton ~ Grove Hill, AL
Debra Heapy ~ Pleasant Hill, CA
Cynthia Dawson ~ Hollister, CA
Charlene Hanvald Boivin ~ Canton, OH
Kim Ludovicy Brennan ~ Durango, CO
Linda Alderman ~ West Monroe, LA 
Renee Adair ~ Miller Place, N.Y. 
Tamala Owens ~ Ramona, OK
Wendy Salazar ~ Decatur, TX
Rose Reed ~ Decatur, TX 
Paula Quick Driver ~ Wilson, N.C.
Deanna Stark ~ Southern CA
Kim Miller ~ Pleasanton, CA
Cristy Christie ~ Paso Robles, CA
Lorraine Shinn ~ Paso Robles, CA
Ricky Thompson ~ Los Altos, CA
Trish Boyce ~ Greenville, TN
Nancy Philhorn ~ Athens, GA
Suzie Chang ~ Danville, CA
Leona Cathcart ~ Spokane, WA
Cathy Tucker ~ Castro Valley, CA
Erica West ~ Beaverton, OR
Annette Johnson ~ Woodlawn, TN
Stacy Dillard ~ Little Rock, AK
Christine Mallord ~ Virginia Beach, VA
Jessica (Pua) Johnson ~ Bay PoInt, CA
Abby Matamoras  ~ Rosenberg, TX
Charlene Boivin ~ Canton, OH
Melanie Sayer ~ Birmingham, AL
Christina Kreider ~ Gaylord, MI
Melanie Duncan ~ Canton, OH
Regina Sprendle ~ Troy, MI
Lisa Ann Ducher ~ Phoenix, AZ
Tori Santos ~ San Diego, CA
Shay Connors ~ Milton, WA
Tammy Swayze ~ Brandon, MS
Shirlene Brydie ~ Hamden, CT
Senna Oxblood ~ Austin, TX
Taryn Finley ~ Shabbona, IL
Theresa Strickland ~ Decatur, GA
Stephanie Dulaney ~ Oxford,
Maria Zucchero ~ Lombard, IL
Heidi Wagner ~ Moscow, ID
James Duchek ~ Plano, TX
Daisy Duchek ~ Plano, TX
Devonna Banks ~ Pasadena, CA
Lucille Shell ~ Elk Grove, CA
Debby Saunders ~ Elk Grove, CA
Debbie Williams ~ Turlock, CA
Leona Avry ~ DeBary, FL
Sharon Sanchez ~ Bend, OR
Stephanie Coldwese ~ Portland, OR 
Rusty Frisch ~ Chandler, AZ 
David Dickey ~ Littleton, CO 
Sally Bracamonte ~ San Ramon, CA
Land Rover ~ Rocklin, CA 
Rita Madsen ~ Vallejo, CA 
Rena Concalledy ~ San Diego, CA
Marsole Sanchez ~  San Diego, CA
Marriots Hotel Corp ~ Canton, OH
Stephanie Richards ~ Medford, OR
Ladybug's Quilts ~ Manteca, CA
Sally Bracamonte ~ Oxnard, CA 
Edee Deeden ~ Lancaster, CA ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Sharon Wong ~ San Francisco, CA
Linda Picarelli ~ Detroit, MI
Pasha Deeden ~ Denver, CO
Jerri Tanson ~ Provo, UT
Nicole Gallegos ~ Fremont, CA
Reese Wallings ~ Canton, OH
Tara Beasley ~ Boca Raton, FL
Rochelle Brishell ~ Miami, FL
Sienna Roberts ~ Milton, WA
Chrissy Talbot ~ Roseville, CA 
Sheila Winestock ~ Montgomery, AL
Valerie Torres ~ Beverly Hills, CA
Becky Sponet ~ Canton, OH
Scott Phillips ~ Rockwall, TX
Tanya Hempstead ~ Chicago, IL
Raymond Liston ~ Sacramento, CA
Abby Rensgson ~ Las Vegas, NV
Charlene Reyes ~ Medina, WA
Regina Salas ~ Richmond, VA
Natalie Osburn ~ Memphis, TN 
Richard Thomson ~ Mine Hill, NJ
Peggy Santos ~ Boise, ID
Larissa McElroy ~ San Diego, CA
Ruth Stanford ~  Topeka, KS
Kayla Simmons ~ Reno, NV
Terri Buckelew ~ Houston, TX
Annette Serea Santa Cruz, CA
Nicki Passeticio ~ Sacramento, CA
Steven Bruno ~ Long Island, NY
Beth Hummel ~ Livermore, CA
Teresa Sparkman ~ Tracy, CA ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Paula Weissel ~ Sacramento, CA
Jan Angeja ~ Sacramento, CA
Tanya Ricardo ~ Susanville, CA
Karen Capperio ~ Dallas, TX
Robin Gallet ~ Memphis, TN
Sean Littleson ~ Atlanta, GA
Marcia Woods ~ Canton, OH
Ada Coffey ~ Long Island, NY


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